Janine Moore


Janine Moore created Chaos Pictures while attending Tisch film school at NYU in 2000. She has produced many short films, some of which have won awards including the Warner Bros Production Award and Best of Providence and Best Production in the 48 Hour Film Festival. She also writes and directs and has shown her work internationally at film festivals.

Janine is also one of the creators and puppeteers of Chaos Creatures. She created the puppet "Kitty" who appears as Kitty Gaga in th "Puppet Face" video she wrote and directed (available on the youtube Chaos Creatures channel).

John O'Neil


John O'Neil became a partner in Chaos Pictures in 2006. He has created and directed numerous short films and videos as well as doing freelance videography for a variety of clients. He received Best Director in Providence at the 48 Hour Film Festival.

John is one of the creators and puppeteers of Chaos Creatures. His puppets include "Steve Bronze", "Sal", and "Tug" He co-write (with musician Brian McKenzie) and directed "The Yacking Song" available on the ChaosCreatures youtube video as well as several other shorts available on his own youtube channel.

Aimee Butterfield


Aimee Butterfield is one of the creators and puppeteers of Chaos Creatures. One of her puppets appears in an upcoming feature with Andy Samberg. She recently directed the Chaos Creatures Zombie Puppet Christmas special starring Geoffrey Arend (Super Troopers, Devil) available on the Chaos Creatures YouTube channel.

She is the creator of "Moe" and many other puppets.


Katie Tower

Katie Tower is the graphic genius behind Polly Rocket graphics. She has worked on numerous well-known feature films as well as done a variety of designing and printing for large corporate and event clients.

She is also a production designer and writing contributor on several Chaos Pictures shorts.

Peter Stevenson
Peter Stevenson is a Chaos Creatures puppeteer and regular contributor. He designed the "puppet puke" effect for the Yacking Song and besides making several puppets including the dog who appears in both the Yacking Song and Kitty Gaga, he also did sound mixing for the new Zombie Puppet Christmas special.